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Killing of a Sacred Deer

Starring: Colin Farrell, Nicole Kidman, Barry Keoghan, and Alicia Silverstone 

Directed by; Yorgos Lanthimos

Filmed in 2015 released in 2017

This film needed a "hero" dog for the main family in the movie.  They call any main animal in a film the "hero animal." This dog needed to be a cute medium-sized dog.  They were ok with mixed breeds as well.  I began by contacting lots of rescues that had a lab, golden retriever, border collie, and Australian shep-type dogs.  I happened to find an incredible rescue called, Blue Grass Pet Rescue located in Louisville, Ky. They had a beautiful dog that looked like a border collie / golden retriever mix. Her name for the film was Molly.  So that's the name we gave her and she still has!  She was around a year and a half to two years old and her write-up sounded like she would be wonderful to work with.  I was able to meet her and evaluate her for this role. I felt like she would be perfect.  The Producers thought so too!  I began training her for many scenes in this film.  She had to do a lot of down or sit stays.  She also had to lay down and bark on cue, walk up to a table, and put her head on a coffee table about an inch away from a fully frosted cake, follow the family through the house, and follow family members in and out of scenes.  Again I had to find her and have her ready for this film in about 2 weeks! 

Molly was one of the most intelligent dogs I've ever worked with.  She also had a crazy amount of energy.  I had to run her 3 miles every day before training and even before filming so she would be ready and happy to work.  

Working with the cast and crew for this film was special.  Their talent and creativity was amazing!  They all Loved Molly, the dog, and everyone wanted to adopt her after filming.  Luckily she got to go to the home of one of the leading actor's agents located in Hollywood, California.  I was blessed to be able to visit her in 2016!  She is a very happy dog!

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