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About Megan-Kate

Known for her commitment to animal welfare, Megan-Kate works with rescue animals, taking joy in training and assisting these animals in finding their forever homes after their time in front of the camera. Her notable career includes a seven-year tenure as the Curator of Animal Development and Training for the Cincinnati Zoo and Botanical Gardens, where she managed all facets of training for the entire zoo. Additionally, she owned and operated a wildlife rehabilitation center for five years, demonstrating her dedication to the well-being of both domestic and exotic species.

Beyond her commitment to the entertainment industry, she extends her passion for animal training to the personal realm. She takes immense pride in partnering with clients to help them and their beloved pets achieve their training and wellness goals. As a skilled trainer she goes beyond the conventional, offering personalized solutions that cater to the unique needs and behaviors of each individual animal.

Her Vision

To redefine the standards of animal training and behavior. At the heart of our commitment lies a passion for fostering harmonious relationships between humans and animals, transcending traditional boundaries and reshaping the narrative in the world of pet care.

Megan-Kate, brings a wealth of experience in training animals for various purposes, from enriching zoo environments to contributing to the magic of movies, film, television, and print. With a foundation deeply rooted in the understanding of both domestic and exotic animal behavior, she devotes herself to the creation of stress-free programs that not only enhance the lives of animals but also elevate the collaborative experience for everyone involved.

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