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A Kind Of Murder Filmed in 2014, released in 2016

A Kind Of Murder 

Filmed in 2014, released in 2016

Staring:  Patrick Wilson, Jessica Biel, Eddie Marsan and Haley Bennett

Directed by: Andy Goddard

This was my very first movie!  My husband and I were on our honeymoon when a producer called me asking if I would be able to work on this film and supply a dog.  I was informed it was a period piece, meaning it would be set in the 1960's.  Because of this, I had to find the right breed for the time.  I knew after reading the script it needed to be a small breed as there were many scenes where the dog was being carried.  In the 60's there weren't as many mutts as there are today so it was clear I needed to find a purebred dog. After researching popular breeds of the 60's and knowing this family was written as affluent I settled on trying to find a toy poodle.  I contacted many rescues and Frankie's Furry Friends of Alexandria, Ky said they had many small breeds to choose from.  I was able to go and meet all their adorable dogs.  I decided to pull one little apricot toy poodle that was rescued from a puppy mill.  They didn't know how old he was as the rescue had to have all but one tooth pulled.  He was extremely matted and also had to be shaved.  Luckily he had enough coat that I was able to take him to an amazing poodle groomer and get him looking so handsome!

Did I mention I only had 10 days to find this dog and have him ready for this film?!? By the time I found him and got him home, I had 7 days to train him to do many behaviors!  He had to do what is called an A to B.  This is fairly simple with dogs as they go from one person, off-screen, to another.  However, the dog also had to work in large groups of people, eat off a coffee table, react to shouting, be snuggled in bed, and do a few sit stays. 

The director and writer of the film named him Jeff and it stuck!  Whenever he was needed on set they would call out for "Jeff the Dog" and we would be on our way. 

I learned SO much about filming on that set.  Everyone I worked with was amazing and patient, as I was learning as I went. This film started a spark that has turned into a flame!  My love for films started here! 

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