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Anything you can imagine, we want to help you create!

Do you envision a cat that will follow your actor through the forest, a dog that will be the perfect family companion, an arachnid that will send chills through your audience, a horse that will inspire a spirit of freedom, or perhaps something more exotic? Pet Pawsible strives to find you the right animal for your project and ensure safety, welfare, and professionalism as we do it! We focus on creating a low-stress environment for the animals and the actors/crew. Let us help you make your creative visions come true!

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Lucas: 1-1-2013, Male 12lbs, Domestic Long Hair

Lucas is the sweetest cat in the industry. He only has one eye but won’t stop this cutie from shining. He will happily be carried and loved on in all scenes. He will work indoors and out and with all people and other animals.


Sit, likes to be held, stay, will work indoor and outdoor, will work photography and film.


Hillbilly Elegy, Bones and All

KC: 5-01-2016, Male 9.5lbs, Domestic Short Hair

KC is the epitome of the perfect cat, he can do it all. Action, stills, cuddles, and is happy to be carried all day! He will work with all people and other animals. He loves to work outdoors as well.


Sit, stay, some, go into crate, likes to be held, A to B, will work indoors and outdoors, photography or film, easy to train new behaviors.


The Bones and All

Bart: 1-2-2015, Male 10.5lbs, Domestic Short Hair

Bart loves action! If you need a running, jumping, active motion cat he is your man! He is incredibly intelligent and can be taught just about anything. He knows how to enter a scene and rub against a leg, or object. He can chain commands and will nail it every time. Bart has worked with incredible actors and can’t wait to work on your project.


Sit, rubs against people or subjects, come, A to B, playful, will work indoors or outdoors, photography or film, easy to train new behaviors


Dark Waters, The Bones and All, Hillbilly Elegy

Anna: 05-05-2021, Female 42lbs, Mutt

Anna is a lovable mutt! She takes a minute or two to warm up but once she gets going she loves to work! She will do wonderfully for photoshoots. Anna loves the camera and is a natural! She also gets along well with other animals.


Sit, Down, Shake, Stay, Walks well on leash, Roll Over, Spin.


Centennial photoshoot and video

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