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Welcome to our world, where we take immense pride in our expertise in training, casting and overseeing the finest, trained animals for the dynamic realms of the creative industries.

Trained animal actors from the leading animal training & casting provider in the Mid West. 

At our agency, we boast a diverse and extensive portfolio that spans across domestics and exotic, animals. Our specialization lies in the meticulous training of these extraordinary creatures, tailored specifically for the nuanced demands of film, television, and print productions. Through years of dedicated expertise, we've become synonymous with delivering exceptional and captivating performances from our animal talents, enriching the storytelling experience in various media formats.

About Pet Pawsible

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Bunny in the Garden

Our 1.5 year old golden retriever had a schedule change in the home which resulted in a behavior switch in him. He was anxious and up most nights barking multiple times throughout the night. We tried multiple things to try and ease the anxiety. We reached out to Megan Kate for advice. She said to switch up a few things and add two supplements. Less than a week with these small changes, our dog is finally sleeping fully through the night and is no longer barking. We are so grateful for a couple of easy changes that makes such a difference for our pup. Thank you Megan Kate!

It's hard to wrap all the superlatives about Megan-Kate into one paragraph, but I'm going to try. Simply put, Megan-Kate is my favorite animal trainer. I have known and worked with many. Her focus, patience, kindness, gentleness, listening skills and knowing what needs to be done are unmatched. Her teamwork, interest, and follow-through are terrific. And above all else, she has an animal's best interest at heart. What I need from an animal wrangler and trainer in photography can be very specific, but she is always on point and ready to go. Bonus - she's a great person all the way around. Simply the best.


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