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Do you envision a cat that will follow your actor through the forest, a dog that will be the perfect family companion, an arachnid that will send chills through your audience, a horse that will inspire a spirit of freedom, or perhaps something more exotic? Pet Pawsible strives to find you the right animal for your project and ensure safety, welfare, and professionalism as we do it! We focus on creating a low-stress environment for the animals and the actors/crew. Let us help you make your creative visions come true!

Check out our casting page to see available animals. If you don’t see what you are looking for call us. We work with many rescues and organizations that will happily have the best opportunity to set you, your family, and your new addition up for success!

Anything you can imagine, we want to help you create!

All animals are trained with kindness using reward based methods and techniques and our credits and gallery pages demonstrate the quality and high level of service we provide and the results achieved. Clients' bookings are researched to ensure we find the right animal for the job thus saving time and money on shoots.

If you’re looking for outstanding pet models and animal actors to star in your next creative project and a rock steady, safe and collaborative full-service animal agency partner, we have you covered!

Your pet in the Movies

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